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Join eCommerce Revolution: Partner with Askflow AI

At Askflow AI, we're convinced that by working together, we can make better solutions and deliver amazing experiences for store owners and their customers.

Why Partner with us?

It is all about teamwork and mutual benefits

We want to understand the needs of each our partner and create solutions that help them thrive. Whether it's by sharing resources, knowledge, or opening up new opportunities, partnerships are the key to helping everyone grow.

Join forces with Askflow AI, and let's achieve success together!

Let's grow together!

Discover Your Path to Partnership

No matter your size or background, we craft personalized success plans for every partner.

Agency Partner

Partner with Askflow AI. Earn up to 20% commission on referrals. Offer cutting-edge AI quizzes to clients. Get priority support and co-marketing opportunities.

Referral Partner

Join our Referral Partner Program to leverage your e-commerce audience to promote Askflow AI and earn commissions and referral rewards easily.

Tech Partner

Integrate our AI Quiz Builder into your tech stack to provide customers with advanced e-commerce solutions. Improve offerings and explore new revenue channels.

What Our
Partners Say

We're happy to be a part of your business success. When you succeed, we succeed too!

“Partnering with Askflow AI has changed our approach to client solutions. Their product quiz tool not only showcases our commitment to our clients' success but also helps our development and design processes, saving us valuable time and resources.”

Jan O.
Agency Creative

“Collaborating with Askflow AI has revolutionized our client solutions. With Askflow's team handling everything seamlessly, our team is relieved from the integration hassle, allowing us to focus on lead generation for our clients!”

Claire L.
Agency Central

Their product quiz tool seamlessly integrates with our platform, providing valuable insights into customer preferences. Plus, their team handles all the integration processes effortlessly, allowing us to focus on our core business activities. With Askflow's generous offer of 20% shared revenue, it's a win-win partnership that drives both innovation and profitability.

Jack S.
Agency Shopify Plus

Are you ready to become our partner?

Join forces with Askflow AI, and let's
achieve success together!