Mariia Volina

Marketing Strategist
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Askflow AI x Web Summit 2023: Navigating the Startup Adventure

Mariia Volina

Marketing Strategist
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Ah, Web Summit—the colossal gathering that unites the tech world. For us at Askflow AI, it marked our inaugural Web Summit, and guess what? We made it to the ALPHA program of the Web Summit startup initiative. This blog post unravels our journey and the strategies we employed to make the most of this grand event.

Setting Sail with Clear Goals

Askflow AI on Web Summit 2023

Before embarking on the Web Summit journey, set clear goals. For us, it was all about seeking partnerships and fundraising. Having defined objectives guides your presence at the event, helping you book the right meetings and attend relevant programs.

Mastering the Art of Purposeful Meetings

Web Summit Map

A Web Summit without a packed calendar is like coffee without caffeine—lacking. The app is your ally; filter and find your ideal match. While you can't choose specific areas in the Arena, you can mention your preferences in messages. For investor meetings, book in advance the spot (see the picture). Wine Summit and Food Summit also serve as fantastic meeting spots.

The Power of Networking

Askflow AI team on Web Summit 2023

Every nook and cranny of Web Summit is a networking opportunity. Don't shy away; embrace the badge. Badges are your introduction, so wear them proudly. From Wine and Food Summits to lounges and the legendary Night Summit, you're surrounded by chances to connect.

The Magic of Night Summit

As the workday transitioned into the night, the true magic of Web Summit unfolded at the Night Summit. Here, professional facades faded, and genuine connections flourished. Games, drinks, and dancing eased conversations, turning contacts into lasting relationships.

Exploring Beyond the Main Stage

While Web Summit is undoubtedly a grand spectacle, the city of Lisbon hosts a tapestry of side events. Accessible through effective networking, we found ourselves at Austria Event and Pitch Making, broadening our horizons beyond the main event and creating connections that resonated deeply.

Building Brand Awareness

Beyond specific goals, brand awareness is omnipotent. Our colorful "Let's talk" t-shirts became not just uniforms but conversation starters, and our freebies transformed into tokens of connection. In a sea of startups vying for attention, standing out isn't just an advantage; it's a necessity.

Stand Day Brilliance

For ALPHA startups, Stand Day is the pinnacle. It's the day when the culmination of preparation and strategy converges. Why did our stand shine brighter?

  • Vibrant team recognition through eye-catching t-shirts.
  • An enticing bounty of freebies that turned heads.
  • Screens that weren't just displays but canvases for showcasing our product.
  • A dedicated team member orchestrating live demos, making our stand not just a spot but a hub of activity.


Web Summit isn't just an event; it's an odyssey. With clear goals, strategic networking, and an unforgettable Stand Day, Askflow AI didn't just participate; it left an indelible mark on this vibrant tech community. As we bid adieu to this summit, we carry not just what we gained but what we contributed to the ever-evolving tapestry of tech innovation. Until the next summit, Web Summit!

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