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How Botanic Hair Care Used a Quiz to Educate Site Visitors and Increased AOV by 41% | #AsktheClient

Mariia Volina

Marketing Strategist
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"I began my research in 2015 and while I only had a vague idea of how I’d reach my goal, I knew that anything I created had to be made with CARE. After moving to the US in 2019, I embraced the land of opportunity and even with my challenges as an immigrant in a new country, within three years, I launched Botanic Hair Care’s first collection of products.

Today, my goal continues to be the same as what started my journey, creating products that put the CARE back in hair care. I hope that Botanic Hair Care can reach people like me, who may be struggling to find solutions and care about what goes on their bodies while still effortlessly caring for their hair." – Natalie, founder of Botanic Hair Care.


Botanic Hair Care faced several challenges in achieving their mission to provide clean, effective hair care solutions:

  1. Customer Education: Educating site visitors about the benefits of their clean, non-toxic products and how to choose the right products for their specific hair types and conditions.
  2. Product Overwhelm: With a diverse range of products, customers often felt overwhelmed and unsure which products would best meet their needs. This uncertainty sometimes led to hesitation and decreased conversion rates.
  3. Personalization: Ensuring that customers received personalized product recommendations to match their unique hair care needs, which was critical for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Engagement: Finding an engaging and effective way to capture visitors' interest and guide them through the selection process to improve their shopping experience and boost sales.

Natalie recognized that to ensure customers have healthy hair, they needed to understand their hair type and use more than just shampoo. To address these challenges and provide a comprehensive solution, she decided to implement an interactive quiz on the Botanic Hair Care website.

Quiz Placement for Optimal Conversion

Botanic Hair Care knew that to get the best results from their quiz, they needed to make it easy for customers to find and use. So, they created a dedicated quiz page on their website. This way, visitors could focus entirely on the quiz without any distractions.

But they didn’t stop there! To drive traffic to the quiz, they added a big, eye-catching Call-to-Action (CTA) button right on the home page. This button encouraged visitors to “Take the Quiz” and get personalized product recommendations.

Botanic Hair Care also wanted to educate their customers even before they started the quiz. They created a fun and informative video about hair porosity and placed it on the home page. This video explained why understanding hair porosity is important and how it affects hair care routines. By watching the video, customers could learn something new and get excited about taking the quiz.

Steps to Provide the Perfect Hair Care Solution

To provide the best hair care, the first thing customers need to know is their hair porosity type. While this can be easily determined by visiting a hair specialist, why go through the hassle when you can just take a quick quiz?

Step 1: Identify Curl Type

Knowing your curl type is essential for finding the right hair care products. The quiz featured a range of illustrations to help customers accurately identify their curl type. This visual guide ensured that customers could easily match their hair type and get personalized recommendations.

Step 2: Determine Hair Porosity Type

Botanic Hair Care makes it simple for customers to identify their hair porosity. The quiz included clear and straightforward questions designed to help customers understand their hair’s unique needs.

Step 3: Email Collection for Exclusive Offers

To sweeten the deal, Botanic Hair Care added a form to collect emails at the end of the quiz. Customers were prompted with the following message:

"Leave your email below to get a 10% discount on your first purchase! By providing your email address, you consent to receive exclusive offers, promotions, and updates from us via email."

These emails could be easily downloaded and used for future marketing campaigns, allowing Botanic Hair Care to maintain engagement with their customers and offer them ongoing value.

Step 4: Bundle Recommendations

At the end of the quiz, customers received recommendations for a complete bundle of products, including shampoo, mask, and conditioner, based on their hair porosity. Customers had the option to add all recommended products to their cart with a single click. This approach allowed Botanic Hair Care to provide a full cycle hair care solution, which significantly increased the Average Order Value (AOV).

The Results

The combination of a dedicated quiz page, a prominent CTA button, an educational video, personalized bundle recommendations, and email collection worked wonders:

  • Boosted AOV: The quiz helped increase the Average Order Value by an impressive 41%.
  • High Engagement: Over 4,200 people took the quiz, with a 23% completion rate.
  • Email List Expansion: The email form collected 1700 of new email addresses, creating a valuable database for future marketing efforts.
  • Happy Customers: Customers loved the personalized advice and felt more confident in their purchases.

Botanic hair care team feedback:

"Askflow AI is fantastic for integrating quizzes on your website. I created a quiz initially using Askflow and it worked fine. Maria reached out to me to help improve the quiz. She was able to add pictures to make the quiz more appealing, added a 'buy now' button, and a way to increase email sign-ups. The back end is also pretty straightforward. I highly recommend it!"

To sum up:

By making the quiz easy to find and adding educational content, Botanic Hair Care made the shopping experience more enjoyable and informative. This approach not only increased sales but also helped customers feel more connected to the brand. It’s a win-win!

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